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Does the program helps children to perform better at school ?

The ALOHA Mental Arithmetic program is based on visualization and conceptualization. This means children learn to visualize the problems and tasks in their brain, what contributes to a better understanding, an improvement in memory and the acquisition of analytical abilities. All this abilities have a direct positive effect on school performance.

If a child is good at mathematics, Will he still benefit from the program?

The ALOHA Mental Arithmetic program is addressed to all children independently of their academic level or schools marks. Through the program children improve in Mathematics but also undergo a general improvement in the all subjects due to the development of the right brain hemisphere (memory, concentration, listening skills etc.).

How should children practice?

Apart from the two hours lesson per week, the students should practice ALOHA Mental Arithmetic at home between 5 – 10 minutes daily to get the most out of the program.

What is the appropriate age to start the program?

The minimum age to start the program is 5 years old and the maximum is 13.  Various studies have demonstrated the period with the greatest brain development occurs is from 5 to 13 years old.

Why at 5 years?

Approximately at this age children know and understand the numbers from 0 to 9 and their meaning.

Why ALOHA Mental Arithmetic has chosen mathematics to enhance the brain development?

Because the numbers from 0 to 9 are international and they are equally developed in all the countries. Additionally, the numbers are linked with everyday life so it is easy to practice and enhance the brain development visualizing the abacus.

What is the relation between ALOHA Mental Arithmetic and the subject of Mathematics taught at School?

The ALOHA Mental Arithmetic program brings a new approach to the Arithmetic concepts taught at Schools and, consequently, is an ideal complement to the same.

The program never interferes with the academic subjects taught but teaches students to solve usual operations in a different way, more quickly and efficient. Students are able to solve any calculation either in the traditional way or applying ALOHA Mental Arithmetic.

Can children of different age learn in the same classroom?

Of course, all children begin the program in level 1, for which no previous knowledge is needed. The only requirement is to know the numbers from 0 to 9.

Additionally, the fact that older children have better concentration capacity it is offset with the greater understanding capacity of younger students.

If a child did Tots, does he have to continue with Kids?

No, they are two independent itineraries at the end of which children have the same level.

What would happen if a child does not pass the level test?

If a child does not pass the level test he will review with the teacher’ support those contents he still not understands. If needed, he could repeat part or the whole level depending on his needs.

Is it needed to do an additional effort once the program has been completed?

Once all program levels have been completed, it is not required to do any additional session nor any refreshment course as the learning procedure has been completed.